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Truck Campers for Tall People

Lynn and I had been looking for quite some time for an RV that wasn’t too large, too expensive, and something I could stand up in at 6’8”.

We previously did reviews on a few trailers and motor homes with headroom, but there were few to choose from, and they were larger and more expensive than we wanted.

As a child, my parents had a pickup camper, but I ruled out that possibility thinking that by the time you add the height of the pickup bed, there would be no headroom for a tall person. I’ve been ducking all my life, I was not about to spend my retirement years hunched over in a campground.

On a whim, we happened to stop by Apache Camping Center in Clackamas, OR just to take a look at their truck campers. As I suspected, the first several campers we looked at were too short and I had to walk around hunched over. Then we ran across a camper that was built by Pastime Mfg. in Mt. Angel, OR. It just so happened that the person who ordered it requested that it be built 4” taller than normal. We were immediately impressed for several reasons:

  • Pastime was willing to customize the camper interior height (larger manufacturers wouldn’t even consider it).
  • It was locally built in Oregon.
  • It was lighter and cheaper than the others campers we looked at.
  • Pastime Mfg. campers are built with a focus on craftsmanship rather than mass production.

Pastime 850SD Camper

We ordered a Model 850SD this spring from the reseller, Apache Camping Center. We were able to order the camper exactly as we wanted, and best of all, we had it built 4 inches taller, giving us a full 7 foot inside height. That even allowed us to add an air conditioner and I still had plenty of headroom. Best of all, they didn’t charge us any extra $$$ for the added height! You’ll have to find a dealer like Apache to purchase one, and Pastime hasn’t updated their website since 2011.

It is a cab over camper and the bed is a queen size bed in the cab over section, so there is limited room for sitting up in the bed, but we only go up there to sleep anyway, so it works perfectly for us. The rest of the time I can hold my head up high and I don’t have to spend my retirement years hunched over.

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  3. Thanks for posting this info! I’m 6’6 tall.

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